Nestled in the serene mountains of Himalayas, Baru Sahib, the ‘Valley of Divine Peace’ houses AKAL PSYCHIATRY SERVICES CUM DRUG DE-ADDICTION AND REHABILITATION CENTER. The Mother Nature has blessed and adorned the Center with panoramic view, unpolluted environs and an ambience apt for spiritual resurgence.

The dedicated team of experts comprising of Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Counsellors and Nursing staff work in tandem to design ‘patient specific’ treatment regimen.

The present day scientific treatment blended with spiritual element is the unique feature of our center.

The center has become a preferred treatment destination for patients not only from different parts of India but also from around the world.


DR. (COL.) RAJINDER SINGH (Visiting Consultant- Psychiatry)

Since 2004, Dr. (Col.) Rajinder Singh has served patients with expertise, empathy, enthusiasm and excellence. An extraordinary psychiatrist, his skill and dedication has made him one of the few with a national fame. It was a defining moment to welcome him as the Director in 2004. His illustrious qualifications, MBBS from Panjab University, DPM from Pune University and MD in Psychiatry, and alumnus from PGI Chandigarh and meritorious 30 years’ service in the army. He retired as a Senior Advisor Psychiatry – Armed Forces. Despite his accomplishments and years of excellence in the field he does everything with utmost humility and endless passion.

In 1991 he was the consultant for International Red Cross De-Addiction Centre in Chandigarh. His varied and rich experience remains a shining sample of selfless dedication and inspiration to all around him. Thus, under his compassionate administration more than 5000 patients and their families have benefited. Today, they are leading happy normal lives, contributing richly to the society. His extraordinary vision and fervor to make a difference to the lives of these patients have taken the Drug De-Addiction Centres of The Kalgidhar Trust in Cheema and Baru Sahib to great heights. His tireless journey with The Kalgidhar Trust is a beacon of hope for the troubled patients and their anxious families. He remains a remarkable campaigner for the Drug De- Addiction program in Punjab.

Dr Madhav Pakhare: (Consultant- Psychiatry)

A highly accomplished Doctor of Psychiatric Dr Pakhare has obtained his Doctor of Medicine from St Petersburg Russia, Post Graduation from Mumbai University & College Of Physicians & Surgeons. He has distinguished himself by his wide range of domestic and international assignments. An established Medical Professional-Psychiatrist with proven 23 years of experience in mental health; a successful individual that possesses substantial skills in treating mentally ill and disturbed patients; profound interpersonal skills to interact and communicate with various patients; approachable and a resourceful person; has the capabilities to direct a clinical team, conduct organizational/administrative programs in facilitating and developing new technologies and methodologies for patient care

His profound experiences in Kabul “the drug capital of the world” as the first of his kind successfully handheld hundreds of patients. He has been instrumental in propitiously managing emotional disturbed patients and their desperate families with empathy and compassion and dedication.

Dr Gautam Hazarika (Administration Head)

Dr. Gautam Hazarika is an MBBS, MSc., MBA – FMS, a healthcare & medical professional with more than 15 years of rich & varied experience in clinical practice, healthcare management, service delivery & health insurance domain.

His illustrious long career covers wide range of medical and healthcare administrative responsibilities. He has enlightened experience in Counselling & Wellness as well as Insurance Operations. The trust is extremely fortunate to have him as the head of Administration.

Dr. Sukhwinder Singh (Consultant Psychiatry)

Dr. Sukhwinder Singh has 30 years of rich experience in the eld of Psychotherapy and have contributed richly to the cause of Drug De-Addiction in The Kalgidhar Trust. He is a quali ed doctor possessing degrees of MBBS, Post Graduate Medical Educ. (MD) in Psychiatry at the Albany Med. Ctr. Albany (NX) USA. Worked as Consultant psychiatrist in a state hospital, Psychiatrist Departments of various community hospitals and country out psychiatric clinics in the state of NY, USA .

Dr. Gupta (Clinical Psychologist)

Dr. Gupta is the chief Counselor & Clinical Psychologist in Akal Psychiatry cum Drug De-Addiction and Rehablitation Centre, Baru Sahib. A distinguished and skilled Psychologist, Dr. Gupta holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology as well as a Certificate in Drug De-Addiction from AIIMS, Delhi. He also holds Diploma in Psychiatric Social Field. He positioned as a visiting Professor for Masters in Public Health at the Eternal University, Baru Sahib.