Akal Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Center provides a comprehensive set of facilities for all kinds of drug and alcohol dependent and related complications at affordable cost.

The services of qualified and experienced staff comprising of Psychiatrists, Doctors, Psychologists, Counselors’, Nurses, Pharmacists, Health Workers etc. are at all available with us.

The integration of spiritual therapy along with modern medical treatment is the specialty of our center.

Most of the patients seeking treatment in our center have been referred by those patients who have benefited at our centre.

We also provide facilities for training of nursing students in the management of addiction related disorders. Nursing students from Eternal University, Baru Sahib (H.P.) have already been trained by us in this new field.


(Visiting Consultant- Psychiatry)

Since 2004, Dr. (Col.) Rajinder Singh has served patients with expertise, empathy, enthusiasm and excellence. An extraordinary psychiatrist, his skill and dedication has made him one of the few with a national fame. It was a defining moment to welcome him as the Director in 2004. His illustrious qualifications, MBBS from Panjab University, DPM from Pune University and MD in Psychiatry, and alumnus from PGI Chandigarh and meritorious 30 years’ service in the army as a Senior Advisor Psychiatry makes him a dedicated Psychiatrist. Despite his accomplishments and years of excellence in the field he does everything with utmost humility and endless passion.

In 1991 he was the consultant for International Red Cross De-Addiction Centre in Chandigarh. His varied and rich experience remains a shining sample of selfless dedication and inspiration to all around him. Thus, under his compassionate administration more than 5000 patients have been effectively treated. Today, they are leading happy normal lives, contributing richly to the society. His extraordinary vision and fervor to make a difference to the lives of these patients have taken the Drug De-Addiction Centres of The Kalgidhar Trust in Cheema and Baru Sahib to great heights. His tireless journey with The Kalgidhar Trust is a beacon of hope for the troubled patients and their anxious families. He remains a remarkable campaigner for the Drug De- Addiction program in Punjab.

(Consellor & Psychotherapist)

The very distinguished visiting Consultant, Dr. Onkar Singh, with 24 years of experience as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist has had rich contribution to the Drug De-addiction Centres of The Kalgidhar Trust. He is professionally qualified with degrees in M.A. C.P.A.D (N.I.S.D) in Additional Treatment & Ex MDDCC, Punjab

(Consultant- Psychiatry)

Dr. Sukhwinder Singh has 30 years of rich experience in the field of Psychotherapy and have contributed richly to the cause of Drug De-Addiction in The Kalgidhar Trust. He is a qualified doctor possessing degrees of MBBS, MD.

(Medical Officer)

Dr. Sanjeev Kaushik is a medical officer and in charge of Akal Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre with a long job experience and illustrious career of 20 years. He has International exposure holding the Medical Transcriptionist in French Language. He holds B.A.M.S, BP Ed degrees.