Saving our youth from Drug abuse

Posted by admin on June 5, 2018
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The harshest truth of drug epidemic painstakingly seeping into India’s social and cultural aspects is its harmful impact on our youth. India has the world’s largest youth population and drug mafia seems to be targeting out youth as the young ones are the most susceptible target of drugs. Youth is the age for daredevilry and that’s when the young ones fall prey to bad habits and end up developing addictions. The fact that brain is
Addiction- The Poem —————————- I leave a scar, may heal , may not be Addiction I am and be afraid of me Relationships in doldrums And denial becomes the norms Wow ! I am powerful Not one to be merciful Wandering to find preys in different forms Get youths to abuse and transform Holding sway over senses, I play with brains Illusion, delusion, delirium all in the game I leave a scar, may heal ,