Drug Addiction is a relapsing disease and is comparable with heart related disorders, diabetes, asthma etc. which are chronic and need long-term treatment & preventive measures.

These are lifestyle problems and require changes in one’s way of life. Here, we talk about “Recovering” which is a life-long process. Each relapse is a learning experience on a journey towards a drug-free life.

  • Strong desire and optimism to be Drug free.
  • Detoxification under expert observation and guidance.
  • Compliance with the treatment on long term basis.
  • Regular follow up.
  • Counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Strict preventive measures i.e. abstinence from all types of drugs and alcohol.
  • To become health conscious; walk and exercise on daily basis, take all meals in time, avoid fast/junk food and soft/energy drinks, take whole fruits, salad and sufficient quantity of water, go to bed in time, avoid late night TV watching and get up early in the morning.
  • Open up. Express and share your feelings, thoughts and difficulties with your family or non-addict friends.
  • Re-seeking treatment for relapse; relapse is not to be thought of in terms of a failure. It is like a wake up call which demands a re-assessment on your part of the sincerity of efforts put in and difficulties faced.
  • To become part of Jeewan Marg.
  • To grow as a person; to give a relook at your life style, to raise self esteem and others, expectations and aims.
  • To inculcate spiritual leanings; prayer, remembrance of the God, meditating on His name etc. go a long way in handling the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness

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