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    Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy

    Drug addicted patients never admit about their addiction problem as they are always in denial. The aim is to prepare the patient to accept his problem. Each patient is interviewed and counseled to evaluate his motivational level & personality. Even the family members are counseled individually as well as in groups to handle & accept the patient’s conditions.

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    General Medical and Psychiatric Treatment

    After physical examination, a psychiatric assessment is done. This is followed by necessary lab tests and prescription of medicines. The aim is to successfully manage and treat the symptoms, commonly known as withdrawal symptoms, which arise due to discontinuation of the patient’s addictive drugs. Other physical & mental disorders, if any, are also assessed and treated. The patients are provided with latest medicines from our well-stocked medical store.

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    Spiritual Intelligence

    The recent medical research recognizes the role of prayer, ‘Naam-Simran’ (remembering and reciting the name of Lord) and Meditation as an important complement to the medical treatment leading to fast healing and bringing general well-being. In our experience, this amalgamation of modern medical medicine with spirituality in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction has yielded encouraging results.

    The role of ‘sewa’ (selfless service) and strengthening the character of a person is well emphasized as it involves the development of basic values like humility, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, truthfulness, gratitude and character strengths in a person.

    The patients perform ‘Nitnem’ as per a structured time schedule. ‘Sehaj Path’ i.e. recitation from Sri Guru Granth Sahib on continual basis, is encouraged.

    The aim is to strengthen the patient’s to evolve spiritually, become a responsible human being and lead a drug free life.

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    Follow-Up Program

    Drug and alcohol addiction requires a long-term treatment and it rarely succeeds without a regular follow up.

    Every registered patient is advised and expected to regularly visit the centre for medical check-up and counseling. At its own end, the center follows-up all registered patients at home. We have a dedicated team of social workers and counselors for this purpose. The aim is always to help the patient enhance his motivational level and not to let him drop out of the treatment. Relapsed patients and their families are contacted & counseled to rejoin the treatment.

    The follow up program helps to monitor the patient’s case, his difficulties, requirements and the home environment to review the treatment and management plan.

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    Jeewan Marg

    “Jeewan Marg” is a self-help group formed by patients who have recovered, or are recovering and have drawn benefit from our treatment programs. They hold regular meetings with new patients and share their experiences in achieving a drug free life. Social interaction amongst the patients and ex-drug addicts is a very important factor in enhancing their well-being.